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Italian food and, in particular, Pizza, has been a huge part of the Provenzano family for decades.  Pete Provenzano grew up in the Pittsburgh area, the son of an Italian immigrant father and first generation Italian/American mother who owned and operated Katie's Italian Foods, a business that distributed Italian foods to groceries, restaurants, taverns, and pizza shops throughout the eastern suburbs.  Starting from scratch in 1956, Katie DiMieri Provenzano built that business by demonstrating how to prepare and present Italian foods in local restaurants.  Soon she began to supply many of the early entries into the pizza industry in that same area. Through her commitment to quality products and her development of innovative products like Italian submarine, hot sausage, and hot dog buns, Katie helped spur the growth of a new type of business, the Pizza Shop.  We continue that committment to quality and tradition here at Mama P's three locations. 

                            It's a famiglia thing!

The Provenzano Family

From left to right

Roberto Provenzano, Matt Provenzano , Dan Provenzano, Sarah Provenzano Yorio with PJ & Bekah and "Papa P" Pete Provenzano (not pictured)